8/2 Chiang Mai - Lampoon ,
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Goodwill is a family run Guest House. When you stay with us you get the flavour of the Thai way of life.

Ann who runs and manages Goodwill for her Mom and Dad has a little three year old girl. Her Mom and Dad live next door across the soi.

Goodwill is a Modern 16 room two story building with a kitchen and dining area under cover on the roof.

There is a large sunbathing and relaxing area up there as well with views out over Chiang Mai.

Our room rates are only 150 Bart (single) under $4 a night

200 Bart (Double)

There is also a new 3 bed dorm on the Roof at 80 Bart a night, ideal for a group of friends.

The young ones love it up there as its out of the way etc, mind you we have a few older ones who come back year after year.

Thai food is just Aroy mark mark (delicious) they have taken the best of south East Asia and the World and somehow come up with this delicious array of foods.

When you stay with us we encourage you to use the markets just next to us and try this wonder full array of magic.

We also have Thai cooking course’s that take you to the markets and show you what foods (ingredients) to buy, then take you to our cooking school and teach you how to make Aroy Mark Mark food.

 The Thai open markets are an adventure on there own, In Chiang Mai the food comes in fresh every day, literally thousands of trucks and people work all night transporting fresh produce into Chiang Mai from all over the north. Live fish is trucked in ever day in large stainless steel tankers from fish farms and the fishing fleets in the south.

When you buy fish it is pulled out of the water for you, now that’s fresh.

Northern Thailand's cooler climate is conducive to vegetable cultivation; aahaan neua (Northern Thai cuisine) features a larger variety of vegetables than other Thai regional cuisines. Popular here is somtarm, a tart and spicy salad made with green papaya.

The cheo neua make use of many roots and herbs seldom seen elsewhere in the country, especially culinary herbs with a bitter flavour. For example, spicy kaeng khae soup contains cha-om (bitter acacia leaf) along with phak chi farang (sawtooth coriander), plus two types of eggplant known for their bitterness, makheua praw (Thai eggplant) and makheua phuang (pea eggplant). Sour tones are enjoyed in other soups, such as kaeng phak heuat (soup with tamarind juice) and kaeng ho (soup with pickled bamboo shoots).


Our cooking course start at one day, were you learn three dishes after your trip to the open market. You learn while having fun, our teachers are skilled cooks but being Thai will always throw some humour into the learning process. 

We have people coming back year after year just for the cooking courses.

Chiang Mai also supports the best Traditional Thai massage schools and courses in the country, we are happy to point them out for you or we can book you into one in advance.

Chiang Mai

The Rose of the North

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s 2nd largest city and the centre of culture and arts in Thailand. Chiang Mai celebrated its 700th year anniversary about 6 years ago.

Chiang Mai was the capital of Siam for many years, being serviced from the south by river barge on the Mai Ping River. The large morning markets are still situated by the Mai Ping. All the main Consulates are still in Chiang Mai, with the British Consulate taking up a large block. The British had considerable influence here in the 1800s and early 1900s, helping the Thai Government set up the mail, railway and transport infrastructure.

Thailand means FREELAND. Thailand was never colonised as they had a very astute King who did his schooling in Europe, When the British and French started encroaching on Thailand he summoned the respective consoles to his Palace and put forth the proposition that went something like this,

We have (the Kings personal army) 5000 battle trained elephants with full body armour, you have cannon. Your cannon will take out some of my elephants but the other 4000 will trample you to death, we also have a massive army of foot solders that will mop up any survivors.    

To the British consul he said as a peace offering I will give you all the land on the other side of the mountains bordering Burma. As for Thailand at this time of history it was very hard to service (because of the mountain range).

To the French he said something along the same lines but offering them all the land on the other side of the Mekong river.

Both Governments looked at the logistics of the situation and accepted the proposition.

Thailand has always maintained large armed forces as it was surrounded by hostile Countries who over the last 1000 years or so have each at one time or another ruled the whole Area.

During the cold war America supported Thailand to the hilt with planes, tanks, equipment and training.

During the Vietnam War the Americans had many bases here, Airport bases at Uban Thani etc.

Then came Air America (but that’s a whole story on its own) with arms for drug deals, CIA backing of the Hill tribe Drug Lord Armies, as in the CIA’s mind they were the bastion against Russian and Chinese communist forces.

Many of the treaties put in place in the cold war with the Shan people etc of Burma are still in place today and ratified by each incoming Prime Minister.

Thailand was the launching pad for the secret War in Laos, Cambodia and of course Vietnam.

That all said explains why the Thai’s are such a happy care free people, they have never had there spirit broken and don’t have the undercurrent of hate that you see in a lot of the old French and British colonies.

Thailand is a sub Tropical paradise, with plenty of lush rain forests, rivers and lakes. The mountains of the north run down to the flatlands and ocean.

Chiang Mai is 11 or so hours by train from Bangkok or 1 hour by plane, It has its own International Air port, so depending on were you are coming from you can fly straight into Chiang Mai.

If you take the train from Bangkok the overnight sleeper is a good idea (book a bottom bunk) you get on the train, they serve dinner, make up the beds and you wake up in the morning for breakfast coming into Chiang Mai all for the price of dinner back home.

Thailand is a safe pace to travel; I have traveled back and forth from New Zealand for many years making 20 or more return trips with out ever having any thing stolen or the like. Getting over 15,000,000 tourists last year, tourism is its no one $ earner surpassing the rice crop for export $s.

From Chiang Mai you can book and plan small excursions into the unknown ha (Burma, Laos and China) with return air tickets from as little as us$50 - $100 or we can book you on a over land cross river execution to Laos. Traveling up to Chiang Kong and then across the river to Laos.


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